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A Smart Cloud Clipboard

No more copying and pasting 1-field at a time.  With WebClipDrop, we copy all of the data out of web pages into "Smart Data" fields you can drop later

Save Time & Money

Instantly research any persons profile and find all social data and even their email address, making every contact instantly actionable.

Go Faster!

Instantly drop profiles into your ATS or CRM, build lead lists, introduce clean and branded web links or documents, and stop retyping the same data over-and-over!

"This tool has saved me hours per week in copying and pasting data from across the multiple systems I use.  It's crazy how such a simple tool can make me so efficient"

Simple, affordable pricing options for any use case!

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Unlimited Saved Clips

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Self-Mapping & Data Enrichment

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See How Easy It Is To Use

Let us show you how easy it is to use WebClipDrop, then try it for free to see how much time it will save you when clipping and pasting data online.

Clip Smart Data Nearly Any Site

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Drop Data Into Any Site With 1-Click

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WebClipDrop supports all the common sites used for HR & Sales

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Why Use WebClipDrop?

Clip Data From: (See List)

  • Resumes from job boards & aggregators

  • Social profiles from most social networks

  • Data & lead information from most online lead sources

  • Job data from most career sites

Drop Data To:  (See List)

  • Most ATS systems

  • Most CRM’s

  • Easily apply to jobs on most career sites

  • Custom drops to most online forms

  • Post jobs to most major job boards & classified sites

See How WebClipDrop Works

Extract data and enrich profiles finding email address and social identities with 1-click

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