• Clip, Enrich, and Drop Data With 2-Clicks
    To Save Time & Money

    WebClip extracts data from any site, enriches data by finding any contacts email address and social profile data, and drops that data into your ATS or CRM with 1-click, saves hours of time moving data and paying for leads and contacts on paid sites.

    Use WebClip to move data between sites with 2-clicks

  • Learn How You Can Use WebClip

    To Go 2x Faster Every Day

    Recruiting Uses

    See How Recruiters Go 2x Faster

    Recruiters are already too busy, so giving them a productivity tool that instantly gives them 1-2 hours a day back is a must have resource to help them go 2x faster.

    Sales Use Cases

    Sell Faster & Sell More

    Finding & simplifying outreach to sales leads is the key to making your quota's, and having a sales productivity tool is the only way to compete in today's market.

  • Sites Supported For Clipping & Dropping

    See which sites you can clip and drop data

    Clip Sites

    See what sites we've built pre-mapped clipping of data from including most major contact/lead sites, job boards, social networks, Google search results, and much more

    Drop Sites

    See what sites we've pre-mapped dropping into including most major CRM's and ATS applications.

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