• Clip, Enrich, and Drop Data With 2-Clicks
    To Save Time & Money

    WebClip extracts data from any site, enriches data by finding any contacts email address and social profile data, and drops that data into your ATS or CRM with 1-click, saves hours of time moving data and paying for leads and contacts on paid sites.

    Use WebClip to move data between sites with 2-clicks

  • Learn How You Can Use WebClip

    To Go 2x Faster Every Day

    Clip & Extract Data

    From Any Site

    You can clip individual contacts or entire lists of contacts on most job boards, social networks, Google search results, or anywhere you see contacts online.

    Find Email & Contact Info

    Enrich Contact & Profile Info

    Instantly find the email address and social profile data for most of the contacts that you clip online. This saves time doing research or using multiple tools.

    Drop Data & Fill Forms

    On Most ATS & CRM Sites

    Once you have contacts in WebClip you can drop data into your web applications with 1-click, automatically filling forms and eliminating data entry.

  • Who Can Use WebClip?

    To Go 2x Faster Every Day

    Recruiting Uses

    See How Recruiters Go 2x Faster

    Recruiters are already too busy, so giving them a productivity tool that instantly gives them 1-2 hours a day back is a must have resource to help them go 2x faster.

    Sales Use Cases

    Sell Faster & Sell More

    Finding & simplifying outreach to sales leads is the key to making your quota's, and having a sales productivity tool is the only way to compete in today's market.

  • Sites Supported For Clipping & Dropping

    See which sites you can clip and drop data

    Clip Sites

    See what sites we've built pre-mapped clipping of data from including most major contact/lead sites, job boards, social networks, Google search results, and much more

    Drop Sites

    See what sites we've pre-mapped dropping into including most major CRM's and ATS applications.

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