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WebClipDrop Is Renaming To ZAPinfo!

Stay tuned for our new name + announcements coming soon

We're Changing Our Name To ZAPinfo!

Naming companies is always an interesting task, and when we launched WebClipDrop we thought it was a cute play on words that would explain the business well.

You're on a "website" and you want to "clip" data into your browser clipboard, and then "drop" it into your web applications. Sounded good, right? Web > Clip > Drop...

Well, after giving hundreds of demo's and hearing people call us "Web-Click-Drop", "Web-Clack-Drop", "Web-Clip-Board", and many people begging us to change the darn name, we've finally made the move to "ZAPinfo"

We hope the name will be much simpler to remember, and our purpose is easy, we help you Zap info easily across the web, removing hours of data entry, cleaning, updating & research, making recruiters and sales people more productive using our information automation tool.

We also have some other fun announcements coming soon, but we'll save those for now :)

Stay tuned in the days/weeks ahead as you'll see your WebClipDrop Chrome Extension change colors, logo/icons, and a new Web site that we're launching, along with some powerful new features that we know you'll love.

We hope to see you at several of the major shows coming up this fall including SourceCon in Atlanta, and HR Tech in Vegas, along with the S7 event in Seattle in September.

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