• Simple Pricing

    WebClipDrop is a "no brainer" tool for all of your recruiters to use every day.

    Free Trial

    • 100 Clips (Captured Contacts/Profiles)
    • 100 Email Address/Social Profile Lookups
    • 10 Day Trial

    Individual Pricing

    • Unlimited Clips (Capturing Contacts/Profiles)
    • Unlimited Email + Social Lookups
    • Unlimited Drops (Data Into Your Apps)
    • Unlimited Droplets
    • 100-500 Active Contacts In Clipboard
    • Export To PDF, CSV

    $40 Per Month

    Month to Month

    Cancel Any Time

    Team Pricing

    • Multi-User Teams
    • Discounted Rates & Tiered Pricing (minimum 5 Users)
    • Annual Invoicing
    • Reporting Dashboard
    • Custom Integrations
      (Affordable Fee Per Site)
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