• Elaine Orler

    "WebClipDrop is a game changer for recruiting & HR applications and has bridged a gaping hole that recruiting teams have been facing for years…a way to capture web data and drop it into an existing system."

    Lou Adler

    Recruiting done right is a high touch and highly personalized effort where you are targeting top tier talent. The key to WebClipDrop's power is to be able to instantly connect with people on a one-on-one basis. This starts with clipping profiles, uncovering critical facts and finding hidden email addresses, to helping build personalized messages that get higher response rates all in a simple tool that helps you reach more talent in less time.

    Jer Langhans

    "WebClipDrop has combined several tools into one with this simple to use Chrome extension. It's definitely one of the easiest yet highest quality sourcing tools I've used in the market to harvest contacts, profiles/resumes, and to find email addresses and social profiles."

  • Recruit 2x Faster With WebClipDrop

    This productivity tool is a must have for all recruiters and sourcer's

    Clip Contacts, Resumes & Profiles Instantly

    You can clip individual contacts or entire lists of contacts from nearly any site using WebClip which pulls either business card data or entire resume's profile data.

    Enrich Data & Find Email + Contact Info

    Instantly enrich any contact to find their email address, company name, current title and company phone number to instantly reach out to found contacts.

    Drop Data Into Your ATS OR CRM With 1-Click

    Save hours each day allowing WebClip to drop contacts and profiles into your Talent CRM or ATS system which will fill out every field in a single click.

    Using Droplet's To Reduce Typing

    Instantly drop text and personalize your redundant communications on any web based form including email, social sites using Droplets.

    Create & Export Sourcing Lists In Minutes

    Harvest, enrich, and build lists of contacts faster than ever before, and export them to standard or custom CSV or spreadsheets.

    Track Sources Of Hires From Your Paid Sites

    Hard code the source of contacts into your CRM or ATS so you know exactly what paid sourcing sites & job boards are driving results.

  • See Full Recruiting Video

    Check out how WebClipDrop will help you solve top recruiting productivity issues

  • Download & Try Free Now

    Install WebClip in your Chrome browser free and give it a spin

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